What’s UP at the Archives – March 2, 2023


“We were very lucky,” said newly appointed Fire Chief Ken Lissimore ,“If the fire had spread into the adjoining theatre or apartment block, we could have been in serious trouble.”

On Monday, April 10th 1978 fire ripped through a two storey building in Block 77 near the western end of Mission’s main commercial section on First Avenue, sending thick, acrid smoke into the air. With literally only inches separating the buildings, it was the combined efforts of 35-30 firefighters from Mission, North Fraser and Abbotsford-Matsqui Fire Departments which contained the fire and prevented it from spreading throughout Block 77.

As part of SHINE BRIGHT MISSION festivities on Friday, March 3rd, the Mission Community Archives is opening a special exhibit about the 1978 fire: SAVING BLOCK 77.  The exhibit features a series of photographs taken by local news reporters on the scene of the fire, providing a vivid account of the intense blaze and the teamwork by firefighters to suppress it.   

A very special thank you to Mission Fire Chief Mark Goddard, Monique Weir (Emergency Program Manager), and Kim Thoms (Administrative Assistant) for their invaluable assistance with the exhibit. Join us for this historic tribute to our incredible first responders! You may view the exhibit at the Archives between 7PM and 9PM on March 3rd

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