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What’s UP at the Archives – March 9, 2023

NOMINATIONS ARE NOW OPEN Paths & Pathfinders: Women of Mission Program The Mission Community Archives is once again accepting nominations for the Paths & Pathfinders: Women of Mission Program. Since the inauguration of the program in 1996, the Community Archives has recognized and built its holdings on more than 100 women who have helped shape […]

What’s UP at the Archives – March 2, 2023

SPECIAL EXHIBIT OPENING: SAVING BLOCK 77 “We were very lucky,” said newly appointed Fire Chief Ken Lissimore ,“If the fire had spread into the adjoining theatre or apartment block, we could have been in serious trouble.” On Monday, April 10th 1978 fire ripped through a two storey building in Block 77 near the western end […]

What’s UP at the Archives – February 17, 2023

This year, through two new online exhibits by the Museum and Archives, the Mission District Historical Society invites you to discover how the camera, once a simple wooden box with a primitive lens and cap for controlling light, has undergone huge changes since its invention, and has come to play a key role in our […]

What’s UP at the Archives – February 2, 2023

The Mission Community Archives is pleased to announce the availability in its online store the award winning first book by Kuldip Gill’s (1934-2009), Dharma Rasa. Dedicated to her family and parents, Bhagwant Kaur Gill, and Indar Singh Gill, the book invites readers to accompany Kuldip as she reads the love letters her father wrote to […]

What’s UP at the Archives – January 26, 2023

The year 2023 is already shaping up to be an exciting one at the Community Archives! Staff and volunteers have been back for several weeks working on a range of projects to advance the acquisition, preservation and accessibility of Mission’s documentary heritage. Here are some of the initiatives planned for 2023: • New virtual 2023 […]

What’s UP at the Archives – December 22, 2022

Whatever your plans are, wherever you are going, the staff and volunteers of the Mission Community Archives wish you a happy, memorable, and safe holiday! Thank you to all our donors of historical records, patrons, visitors and over 3,000 social media followers. We look forward to seeing you in 2023. Happy Holidays! Val Billesberger, Archivist

What’s UP at the Archives – December 16, 2022

The Mission Community Archives Christmas tree is filled with history about its volunteers. The Archives holiday ornament tradition was started by Archivist Val Billesberger in 1994. Each volunteer contributed an ornament that embodied that year, a favorite holiday season memory, something they did, or a big life moment for them. From that year forward, new volunteers […]

What’s UP at the Archives – December 9, 2022

The Mission Community Archives is excited to announce that our new instructional videos are now live! Produced by UBC students Kevin Burke, Alanna Carswell, and Audrey Li in collaboration with Archivist Val Billesberger and Communications Services Coordinator Kyler Garza, the videos provide detailed instructions on how to book an appointment, access the online database, and […]

What’s UP at the Archives – December 1, 2022

In October Archivist Val Billesberger was approached by three students from UBC’s School of Information about doing a project for an information instruction course. Their assignment was to work with a local institution to design and create a short instructional video/web tutorial. After meeting virtually, it was decided three different videos would be produced on […]

What’s UP at the Archives – October 13, 2022

Tomorrow at 8AM, the Archives NEW VIDEO goes LIVE HERE!  Part of the NEW VIDEO SERIES produced by the Mission Community Archives called MISSION MOMENTS, this one-minute video features the incredible story about the year Mission’s famous Soap Box Derby made Canadian history! Check it out HERE and please share the video!