What’s UP at the Archives – December 1, 2022

In October Archivist Val Billesberger was approached by three students from UBC’s School of Information about doing a project for an information instruction course. Their assignment was to work with a local institution to design and create a short instructional video/web tutorial. After meeting virtually, it was decided three different videos would be produced on how to navigate the Archives NEW website. COMING SOON… the launch of the tutorial videos, produced by Kevin Burke, Alanna Carswell, and Audrey Li.

Kevin Burke is in his second year in the Master of Library and Information Studies program at UBC’s iSchool. With a background in opera, Kevin is hoping to become a music librarian.

Alanna Carswell is a second-year dual master’s Archival Studies and Library & Information Studies student at UBC’s iSchool. Alanna is passionate about reading, history, and genealogy and aims to work in museums or archives in the future.

Audrey Li is a third-year master’s student in the Dual Archival Studies and Library & Information Studies program at UBC’s iSchool, who is passionate about music, creative writing, and history, and hopes to work in community cultural institutions in the future.

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