Mission Music Makers
On far right is Mrs. Earl Kerr conducting the group and Mrs. G. Moyse playing the piano, December 16, 1959.
Fraser Valley Record fonds
Mission Community Archives.
Public Programming

February 2013
This is Home: Mission's Historic Neighbourhoods
The poster exhibit features photographs, maps, drawings and documents chronicling the origins and early settlement of satellite communities within Mission and those historically associated with it: Cedar Valley, Hatzic, Mission Junction, Silverhill, Silverdale, Stave Falls, Steelhead, Deroche, Dewdney and Nicomen Island.

February 2012
Turn on the Juice: The Development of Electricity in Mission
The exhibit featured over 60 photographs, maps, drawings and documents chronicling the early development of power in the area between 1894 and 1930, including: the dramatic story of the harnessing of the Stave River to develop Stave Falls and Ruskin dams, local power pioneers and the impact of electricity on the community.

February 2011
Making [kuh-nek-shuhns]: Mission's Communication Heritage
The exhibit chronicled the evolution of communication systems in Mission, including: the development of postal, telegraph and telephone systems, the establishment of local newspapers and a radio station, and the introduction of television, computers and the internet.

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