Descendents of Emma & Harry Barnett great granddaughters Angela Slater (on left) and Jenn White with her son Liam, a great great grandson, recently visited Mission and submitted this photograph.
Barnett family fonds
Mission Community Archives

Street Stories

Have you ever wondered where your street got its name? Mission is one of the few B.C. communities that continue to name streets after its citizens. As such, our street names are rich with local history.

Our street names connect us to those who went before; pioneers who hacked their way through acres of brush to clear land for their homes, entrepreneurs who established businesses to service the growing community, local men and women who served selflessly to preserve our freedom, and visionary citizens who wanted to make Mission a better place to live. These are people who, through hard work and community involvement, made a name for themselves in Mission's history.

Mission is growing so rapidly, many residents know little or nothing about this rich history. Through Street Stories you will learn much about Mission's storied past. New stories will be posted regularly - watch for your street!

NEW STREET STORY: - Catherwood Street
If you have information on the naming of a street in Mission, please email the Archivist
Abbott Street
Bannister Drive
Barnett Street
Casselman Street
Catchpole Avenue
Cox Street
Donatelli Avenue
D'Herbomez Drive
Edwards Street
Fripp Terrace
Fujino Street
Gibbard Street
Grewall Street
Hashizume Terrace
Henry Avenue
  Horne Street
Kenney Ave-Part I
Kenney Ave-Part II
Knight Avenue
Kunimoto Court
Matheson Avenue
Neale Drive
Pakenham Street
Plumridge Avenue
Rolley Lake Street
Smith Avenue
Taulbut Street
Watkins Terrace
Wharton Place
Wren Street
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